Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Foxhangars, Kennet and Avon Canal

Some of the many signs littering the lock flight

Two for cyclists, 1 for dog walkers. Don't think I've ever seen so many dogs being walked along a towpath!

More information for walkers!

And, finally, some for boaters.

On this one, the shop, for the shop in Rowde, says that if you telephone them with an order, they will deliver. Now there's service.

We did the three locks down to the flight early, arriving at 0645 and waited on the lock landing until the gates were unlocked at 0800. There were two other boats on the overnight mooring, a widebeam and a trailable Otter.

The lockkeeper unlocked the gates at 0800 but there was no sign of life from either of the boats so we set off. All the locks are emptied at night to prevent flooding (or stop the flooding because no-one has fixed the leaks), so they were all against us; but at about half way down we came upon a couple of lockkeepers and were helped down the rest of the flight. We were the only boat using the lock flight the whole time we were traversing it, so we were glad we didn't wait the 30 minutes for another boat to come along, 'cos none did.

There are actually only 16 locks in the flight and it is possible to stop at either end, but only overnight. Unfortunately, the moorings at the bottom have collapsed and are unusable so we had to go on another 7 locks to get here - so that made 26in all - though we joined Esther for the last 6. Then it was a quick lunch and a long snooze and early to bed.

Here is a decoupaged granny card. The base card is pink and I added some cotton lace along the bottom half. The decoupage is fixed onto a gold panel which has been deckle edged with scisssors before being stuck to the left hand side of the card. Three glass gems are added to the top right hand corner and a "sewing kit" to the bottom right hand corner.

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