Monday, 21 June 2010

Bath, River Avon

David set off down the locks to fill them, ready for our descent early this morning and then discovered that the top lock was padlocked closed. It seems there is a leak in one of the chambers and if the lock is left full it will flood one of the houses on the flight.

So we had to wait until 0800 before we could start. When we did, we were joined by a boat full of young men (who, incidentally, came from Solihull) and although they didn't really know what they were doing, they had lots of brawn and could jump about the locks.

We also had help from BW with the big one (19ft deep).

When we got to the river, David decided to turn right and moor up near Poultney Bridge. When we got there the moorings were full, but one boat was just about to leave, so we slotted in. Not a cheap mooring, this one, £9.00 per 24 hours (48 hours max).

This is the view, and the boat leaving.

Tonight the boats are all breasted up in twos.

We have decided not to go on into Bristol - £42.50 for 2 days. Which is a bummer really. We could have turned around before the locks this morning, saved ourselves 10 locks and £9.00. But hey! this is a lovely spot (apart from the drunk who is putting the world to rights).

Midway through the year today. Night's will be starting to draw in. How depressing. Still it was lovely and sunny and hot today and David enjoyed the girls in their shorts and t-shirts. So a card for him.

A Bratz sticker. I covered the bottom 1/3 of a yellow base card with some home-made backing paper. I made it in Word using dingbats and the words say "Girls just want to have fun". I covered the join with a fancy peel-off strip. Then I added the stickers.

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