Friday, 9 April 2010

Kyrenia, Cyprus

We have been in Cyprus a week now and it has been lovely. The flight out from Birmingham to Istambul was packed and an hour late leaving. We managed to catch the connecting plane by the skin of our teeth, unfortunately our cases didn't. They arrived 2 days later! The 1st picture is the view from our bedroom window. You'll be glad to hear that the water is too cold for swimming.
We have made several trips out, visiting old haunts and being pleasently pleased that nothing much has changed in the last 16 or so years since we were living here. There are an awful lot more villas dotted all over the place, but on the whole it is still as we remembered it.

Yesterday I went on a guided walk to see orchids and this one one that we found. Can't remember the name. I was a bit disappointed that I've missed the anenomies though.

While we were on the walk someone spotted this, a baby chameleon.

And this is a view from the bottom of one of
the crusader casstles. St Hilerion, perched on the top of a mountain above Kyrenia. This is as far as we got this time. The walk to the top is very long and very steep. So we passed. Well we've been here before, many times.

So, in the floral mood. I actually BOUGHT some cards from the lady who took us on the walk yesterday. David can't understand it, but they were so pretty and I do love the wild anenomies.

This is one of mine though. The flowers are stuck onto some thick, white, handmade paper which has been torn and feathered. This is then stuck down onto a pink, hammered, panel and matted onto a silver one before fixing it to the pink card blank.

The spellchecker is not working, it keeps losing the pictures and giving me instructions in Turkish - so sorry, you'll have to put up with the bad spellings today.

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Caroline and Jayne said...

hiya , looks like you had a brill time. Great photos