Saturday, 27 March 2010

Gas Street Moorings, Birmingham

While we were out a couple of weeks ago the end of the front rope began unravelling. Now, I can tie a knot and do a bit of lashing, but finishing off the end of the rope like this is beyond me. Normally I melt all the ends together with a lighted candle. Anyway, Mike did this for me. Apparently it is called a "Dog's Dick". Can't think why.

David bought himself a new toy. Well, more a replacement for the old one. It is an electric saw for him to cut up the wooden pallets that get left out around here. So he spent a couple of days sawing up wood. He even cut up a tree for Cathy, but then he had called to her the day before and she had tripped. Now she is wearing a sling and cast as she has broken her wrist. Therefore, he was feeling a bit guilty, hence the good turn.

Some time last year I entered a few of my cards into competitions. Naturally I didn't win anything, but I did enjoy making this one.

I worked out how to cut out the step card all by myself. Cleaver eh? The left hand side is covered in stamped and embossed fir trees. The back "mountain" has two hills stuck to it with stamped and cut out trees. The middle "mountain" has a cut out (and squashed) photograph of Mr David and the front one is
covered in handmade paper, torn to look like grass with daisy flowers and a stamped and embossed bullrushes.

This is a side view which gives a better idea of the "mountains" and "valleys" of the card.

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Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Your "dogs Dick" is actually a Back Splice. I don't like them myself as it makes the end of the rope thicker and it can snag in things.