Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Lyons Boatyard, Stratford-on-Avon Canal

We have managed to escape again! This time to the boatyard to get the engine seen to. The poor old engine has been overheating quite a lot lately - so we finally had to get it done. Seems the mountings are all sheered and all the cooling pipes are leaking. Well they are 10 years old so I suppose we would not be too surprised.
We came down yesterday and as there is no winding hole nearby had to travel on past the boatyard and then through the drawbridge at Shirley. Once winded we moored up and were soon joined by two other boats (both actually moored opposite the winding hole!
So after a lovely quiet night we got here at 0800 this morning. We had noticed on the way down that there was a new cafe at the boatyard - so we breakfasted on bacon and eggs after we had moored up. The Butty Cafe had, in fact, only opened the day before - so this was their second day.
Lyons Boatyard has recently changed hands. Phil has bought out Ian's share and he is running it with Sarah. He has lots of new ideas for the yard (including the cafe) - so we wish them luck in this venture.
Never one to miss an opportunity to show off a card I made this one to wish them luck with the cafe. It is a picture of Mr David in Millwall Docks in January 2000.
Don't tell them, but I splashed the photo in the bottom left hand corner and the ink smuged. Which is why there is a flower in the corner!

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CraftyLin said...

Good luck with the engine overhaul - hope all goes well.
K & L Trott