Sunday, 28 June 2009

Gas Street Basin

Discovered when I woke up today that my husband had visited Legs Eleven (a lap-dancing club) earlier on this morning!!! He said it was about their application for a licence.

Anyway, later this afternoon we had a visit from the owner, who came bearing a bottle of wine and stayed for a beer and some craic (he is Irish).

David helped Alan take Crane back to his Ichnield Port Loop mooring with the new paint on one side of the boat still tacky. They must have had fun whey they stopped for diesel as the pump was on that side.

I made this card as a 65th birthday card for an American Civil War re-enactment enthusiast. I found the template on the Internet. I cut the waggon from some brown card I found on the side of a tissue box and Cuttlebugged it to give it some texture. The canopy I made with handmade paper and added brown chalk to give it definition. The wheels were ready-cut circle frames which I embossed black and added the spokes and axles. To finish it off I coiled a piece of string and fixed it to the front and added (not shown) a black peel-off 65 in the centre of the canopy. I would have liked to have hung a lantern from the front and a bucket on the back, but I couldn't find anything suitable at the time, and anyway there wasn't really any room left.

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