Sunday, 31 May 2009

Gas Street Basin

The sun has certainly shone since we got back. Another hot, sunny day.
The Canada Geese have been producing prolifically (of course), though this one is quite cute (at the moment!).
Tom was powerwashing their sh*t off the end of the pontoon on Friday and was told by a BW Health and Safety man that he was not supposed to be doing it.
Health and Safety were around because a blind woman had fallen into the canal earlier in the morning. Missed that one. Also missed whoever it was who jumped the lock the night before and left copious amounts of blood on the ground. Hope it hurts! What we didn't miss though were the two naked men walking down the towpath at 4 in the morning!
Another "Dunworkin" card. A photo of the Buckby can, matted onto gold, blue and red card with a photo corner in the bottom right hand corner. All on a white card.

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