Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Colliers Arms, Calder and Hebble Navigation

We've just had a pig of a day.

It was raining when we got up, so we decided to leave it a bit to see what happened. Around 1230 it was looking good, so we set off. It promptly started to rain again.

We'd planned to moor between the two locks at Brighouse if possible, but there was another boat there, so no room. So we took on water at the top and moored up by Sainsburys as we were expecting a visit from Irene, an old friend.

David needed the television to work so that he could watch the football tonight, and of course we wouldn't get it on these moorings, so when Irene left we moved of. It started to rain again.

This part of the Calder and Hebble is beautiful, but thickly wooded on both sides. We tried several times to find a mooring with enough clear sight of the satellite (in the rain) with no success and finally decided to make a day of it at the pub moorings just before Ellend Lock. At least the pub would be showing the match, wouldn't it?

No! David went for a drink and to find out; he came back saying that he was lucky to get the drink! Anyway he kept persevering with the satellite and finally got it to work. So he's OK now. Just need the right result.

I have been reading Captain Ahab's Watery Tales and decided I couldn't face the Rochdale again. So we are in a bit of a quandary as to how we are going to get back across the Peninnes. Of course we have just passed the only winding hole around and will have to go on up to Salterhebble to the next one (that's 6 locks away - including the guillotine one that BW are manning at the moment!)

A handmade paper heart matted onto white and red card. Four gemstones in each corner and fixed to a white card. The two roses are made from paper (but not by me).

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