Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Rishton, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

After a windy, wet night we decided to stay put for the day. That lasted until lunchtime when David and Jean on Raggle Taggle went past. We hummed and haaahd a bit and then finally set off.

We caught up with them just as they were leaving the first of the Blackburn locks, so they kindly waited for us at the second one.

I can safely say that EVERY lock paddle I turned and every gate I opened and/or closed was HARD, HARD work and I am suffering now, and will be stiff tomorrow; that's for sure.

Blackburn was at its worst. We scraped our way all the way along the canal. Sailing over goodness knows what had been thrown from the bridges. The local landfill site must be closed! There was rubbish everywhere, in the water, on the towpath, in the footpaths leading to the towpath, everywhere you looked.

We stopped off at Asda for a big shop. Then shook the dog shit from our shoes and moved out of Blackburn as fast as we could.

The waterfowl are beginning to nest. We saw geese and moorhens sitting on nests today. The hedgerows are bursting with green and white, and we can just see the hills in the distance. Spring is definitely comming.

What do you think of the waves on the canal today?

A little bear bringing a box of hearts. White card blank, red mulberry paper and decoupaged bear.

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