Friday, 10 April 2009

Reedley, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Saw my first ducklings today - of course David says he saw some two days earlier!!

A dash to get on before it rained, but not very successful. By the time we got to the BW services at Rose Grove it started to rain.

So we stopped just past the new Reedley Marina which looks as if it has only just opened. There seems to be lots of room still. At least they are going to have their services actually on the canal so they will be easy to get at.

One thing that did make we wonder thought. They have put all the pontoons in with room for 2 narrowboats between each one. Now the Leeds and Liverpool is a wide canal and there are more and more wide-beam boats up here. That means that a wide-beam boat is taking up 2 mooring spaces. Couldn't they have put some of the pontoons in with a wider space. They could have saved money with less pontoons, and got more boats in. Or are my maths all wrong?

Lots of boats out today and hardly any of them slowed down when they went past. Hope they sleep well.

This is one of my early, early cards. I knitted the "jumper" and then put the knitting onto cocktail sticks with a bead stuck on one end of each. (Someone once asked me if it was difficult knitting with cocktail sticks!!).
I wrapped some pretty gingham ribbon down the left hand side and mounted the knitting onto some silver card with a brad in each corner and fixed this on the card at an angle.
I then added a black peel-off sentiment on white paper and matted onto silver card below the topper.

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