Monday, 6 April 2009

Heath Charnock, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

What is it with boatyards? Do they have no customer care? This time we stopped for coal, gas and pumpout. David had to get his own coal from the yard behind the shop and then get his own gas from the compound and get them back to the boat. He had paid for everything and then found that there was no gas!!!

"Oh! I forgot we'd run out, we got hammered yesterday."

We saw 2 boats on the move. Some hammering!

Then we had to do our own pumpout - of course.

When this one goes bust because they have got no customers, don't blame us. We did try. In fact half of the old chandlery shop has been turned into a knicker and bra shop - hope the ladies (and men) shopping there get better service.

We moored up by the sign saying "Frederick's Ice Cream". David went and bought two large tubs; peppermint and chocolate chip and rhubarb crumble. I am eating mine while I type this. East your hearts out!

A red corset. A card for either male or female. I decorated the cut-out corset with gold peel-offs and punched small holes down the centre and threaded them with gold cord. Then it was matted onto gold, black and more gold paper and finally fixed onto a red card blank.

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