Monday, 13 April 2009

Gargrave, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Poster No 2. I have found 4 different ones now.

Yet another early start. The sun was just up and you could feel the heat. All the locks except the first one were against us and two of the Bank Newton pounds were very low.

We had help with the bottom lock from a BW guy and another one again at Anchor lock on the Gargrave flight.

By the time we got to Anchor lock the sun had gone and it was really chilly. We had decided to go on into Skipton in case the toiled packed up completely, but decided to chance it and moored up. After all these early mornings and all those locks I am absolutely knackered.

Since we last visited Gargrave the bank has been piled and infilled. But why the big piling? Some metal mesh has been put along the top so that people don't fall down the gaps but it is 2" short of the edge so that when moored up the fenders do not work so we scrape and bump every time a boat goes past. Also why oh why did they not put some mooring rings in while they were building it? This is a very popular overnight mooring and I am sure that people banging in mooring pins all the time made the bank so unstable in the first place.

Still, a walk into the village to do some shopping in one of the great shops around here - IT WAS CLOSED Easter Monday and Tuesday! So the credit card was safe today. There was a flee-market in the village hall though and I got a simply lovely and very tasty home made simnel cake.

As I have no photographs today here is a card I made with a photograph of a lock. I think it is on the Rochdale, but I can't remember.
I stamped the flowers and butterfly onto a white card blank, wrapped around some green gingham ribbon and tied it in a knot. The photo is matted onto silver, grey and green card and fixed at an angle.

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