Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Moore, Bridgewater Canal

Steve drove to Manchester to pick up the new alternator and it was wired into the boat by 4pm. Although it was just about to start raining, David was so stir crazy we left immediately the bill was paid.
We had filled the back tank with diesel (first time since the silly new price arrangements last November - though with a commercial licence we pay the lower price anyway) and the front one with water and pumped out the holding tank earlier in expectation.
Thank you to John and all your staff at Claymoore. You really looked after us in our hour(s) of need.
We got to Moore to find one of the boats was still there so had to put in a spike in the bank for the back rope. Naturally by 1.30am it had pulled out and we were across the canal. And, of course, it was raining!
Caroline enjoyed her meal at the Fat Duck and even tried the snail porridge!

John very kindly took 20 of my cards to sell along with some notelets and a pack of Christmas Cards! Says it is going to be his mission to sell them all. Hope so!
This is one of the 3 Mothers' Day cards that I made for the boys working in the boatyard. Lovely lime green and lilac flowered backing paper strip with lilac border, lilac and yellow flower with brad centre and three daisies. Three lilac gems in the top left hand corner and a peel-off Happy Mothers Day (they copped out and didn't add the apostrophe). Is it Mother's day or Mothers' Day? I think it's for all Mothers - so must be Mothers'. But I always came bottom in class for English.

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