Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Gas Street

The washer/dryer machine is now fitted and working. Hooray!!! It is so quiet after the last one but has more flashing lights. Let's hope it lasts as long as the old one.

We travelled back from Lyons Boatyard with 10 extra bags of coal (special offer) meeting the dredgers on the way back. We had to wait awhile while they manoeuvred their boats and skips around and then they kindly moved to the side to let us through. Unfortunately the overhanging tree scratched our new(ish) paintwork as we slipped through.

We were back on the moorings by 3pm and don't think we will be going out anywhere soon. More ice is forecast.

Two more of Caroline's wedding invitation cards. I really love this one. The lace was wrapped around the silver panel before fixing it to the card. I stamped the heart onto shrink plastic and stuck it down with PVA (the sticky dot's wouldn't stick to the plastic!!!), along with the pink feather.

With this one I printed the pattern onto vellum (eventually - the printer and the ink bleeding almost defeated me). I tore the vellum and used vellum tape to stick the bottom to the card. I made a hole in each corner and added a brad (I found some lovely pink pearly ones in the HobbyCraft shop last week). I stamped and embossed the heart onto pink card and cut it out and slipped it into the pocket.
By this time David had complained about the bad language re the stamping and embossing of the sentiment so I printed these and pasted them onto silver card.

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