Thursday, 15 January 2009

Gas Street (Mr David)

The washing machine has finally gone the way of all old white goods. It had been playing up a bit lately and since we had the new water pump fitted it mysteriously started filling up with water when it was not switched on. When I opened the door and a drum full of water gushed over my feet David decided to treat me and we ordered a new one via the Internet.
We had great fun getting the old one out - three men in a boat and a washing machine! We knew we could get it out of the boat because we got it in in the first place (though the builder's had made the hole, the machine was not fitted until after the galley was constructed). We ended up having to lift it over the bench and taking it out through the front door. The hatch appears to have shrunk in 10 years!
Two nice young men brought the new one at lunchtime and kindly put it into the hole. Of course, although it is roughly the same model as the last one it is 10 years newer and all the fittings have changed, so it is a trip to Lyons to get it plumbed in next week.

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