Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Gas Street

Holy seagulls - well they seem to be walking on water!

They are actually standing on a very thin layer of ice just under the water and waiting to be fed by Pete.

The ice has gone again, though we were iced in for almost 2 days. The main canal was free of ice and there have been a few boats moving about. It will rain, hail and sleet tomorrow though - we have to go for a pumpout.

More cards of boats in the snow. This time it is Mr David in the snow at Shepperton Lock on the Thames last April and is our family Christmas card this year.

I stamped the swirly snowflakes strait onto the white card using a light blue ink. The photograph was matted onto silver card and then onto a light blue card before fixing it to the card. Finally I added a couple of snowflakes with glitter centres.

I made most of the cards in a landscape style but managed to get one wrong - so did it in portrait and added an extra couple of snowflakes. Think I got away with it.

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craftypixie said...

Hi Brenda
Just wanted to say that i love your christmas cards ..Do you stay on your narrow boat all year round?? you are soo luvky,this is our intention one day to get our boat and travel,but things seem to keep getting in the way
Happy Christmas
Wendy xx