Friday, 5 December 2008

Gas Street

Here is the rest of yesterday's post. For some reason I could not upload the pictures.

First of all, thanks to Andrew for his comment on how to upload a screen shot. Secondly Grey Nomad asked about the whereabouts of Europe, which I can't answer as I only know that BW took it away to their depot at Icknield Port Loop. The boat was going to be inspected and either put out to auction or destroyed. Having seen the boat it has probably gone to the great scrap yard in the sky by now.

Now for the card bit. Here are some of the 500 cards I made for my hairdresser. He is threatening that he needs another 200!!

I got the idea from a free booklet from one of the card magazines around. I traced the boots, mitts and skirt so that they could be cut out on my CraftRobo and bought myself a Xyron machine to put double sided glue onto the back of the black card before I cut them out - that made them easy to stick onto the card and were not all loose in a box.

I used up all my scraps to cut out the 4 parcels, added them to the card and stuck on a bow at the top. Some of them had added peel-off "ribbons" and some had silver or gold "string" drawn with a gel pen.

The sentiments were printed onto white paper and them matted onto gold card and Christmas patterned paper before added to the cards.

Easy - NOT! They took forever to make as every card was different.

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