Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Gas Street

After the snow yesterday there was a very heavy frost this morning. Thank goodness we have now got the fire working again. We have been snug and cozy inside the boat and I have only just poked my nose out for 2 minutes to put some Halloween cards out for sale.

So - I spent most of the afternoon on the laptop and I have opened another shop!!! I know, it's a bit greedy but the ArtyMiss shop seems very slow and the links do not always seem to work.

The new shop has given me a domain address which is or (if it works) just click HERE.

I have only uploaded a few cards so far - mostly sets of cards - so here is the first set of 5 cards. They cost £5.50 (including postage) and they can be bought with PayPal.

There are 5 different photographs of boats in the snow and all have a holographic border.

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