Sunday, 19 October 2008

Gas Street

Curdworth tunnel taken in August. Sorry no topical photos - not much happening at present.

We have been to Stockholm for a few days. The weather (after the first night) was glorious sunshine - though a little chilly. The trees were all golden and everything was VERY, very expensive!!

Apart from a drunken fight and a dip in the canal, the moorings have been fairly quiet. David had a meeting with the new Bobby Browns (ex Panama Bar) and they have promised to sort out the noise problem - so that just leaves the O Bar to sort out. And on Saturday morning the Portsmouth football team all walked along the bar and over the bridge. I'll have to get an autograph book.

Also on Saturday the pump which keeps the central heating water flowing through the boat packed up with the fire going full blast. David managed to get all the hot coals out before it erupted and we are having to survive with an electric heater until Tuesday.

A pretty card with a sepia photo matted onto gold, cream and black card with a small ribbon rose in the top left hand corner. Half the base card was covered with sepia coloured postcard type paper and a ribbon covered the join.

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