Friday, 26 September 2008

Gas Street

Famous people on the mooring this month No 2 (well, sort of). This time it was Leon (who?) being interviewed by the local ITV station. Apparently he won the X Factor last year.

There was a cartoon in Private Eye this week. A busker stood outside a record shop. The shop is advertising "X Factor Winner 2008" discs. The busker has a sign saying "X Factor Winner 2007".

David was asked not to photograph him by a minder, but as you can see he did.

The security for the forthcoming Conservative Party Conference is gearing up. We noticed on Tuesday that the rubbish bins had disappeared. Now there are fences all around the conference centre and turnstiles and more policemen that you normally see in a year.

I promised a card for the Birmingham City fans after the Aston Villa one last time. Here it is.

I made a large three-fold card and put silver card on half the front page covered with a backing paper I made up on the computer. I then printed off three copies of the logo which I decoupaged onto white, silver, blue, patterned and more silver card. I printed off the sentiment using the Bend It font again and matted that up the same way.

The 1st inside page I made a large panel using the same combinations of card and for the 2nd page I printed off the recipient's name and age and then matted it up again in the same way.

The back page is just a large panel using the backing paper matted onto silver, blue and silver card.

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