Tuesday, 8 April 2008


With the snow all gone but still a bitter wind we left Shepperton for Windsor where we had a great mooring not too far from the town. The Royal Standard was flying from the castle but we didn't see the Queen out on her horse this time.

Today was even warmer, but the wind was still cold. We are now at Marlow. While I was cooking the dinner I saw this balloon from the galley window and sent David out to take some photos. It eventually floated right over the boat.

And now a card - the photographs were taken from a boat called King Louie. I first saw it moored up on the Trent and Mersey Canal, but we passed it again a few days ago moored on the Grand Union. I matted the pictures onto turquoise and gold card and then onto more turquoise and gold card before fixing it to the white card. I then added six white gems, three on the bottom right and three on the top left.

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