Wednesday, 23 April 2008


I can't believe that I have not posted for so long. I don't know why, too many ghosts maybe?

This is the lock at Little Bedwyn where the express train whizzes up behind you and makes you jump out of your skin. Of course, there were no trains while we did the lock today so I could prove it.

We spent the night at Crofton (below)

Then it was up to the summit - through Bruce Tunnel and down the other side to Wootton Basset. We spent the night at Pewsey. Still a grotty mooring. BW have put in rings, but the bank is still crumbling away and there were so many boats there that had obviously been there for more than the 48 hours permitted. I walked into the village and bought the first lardy cake of the trip.

It rained all the next day, but because David hates the mooring at Pewsey he decided to get wet and cold on the back of the boat. There was a free mooring on the Wharf so we moored up there.

My brother and his wife visited us on Sunday and on Monday we took the bus to Salisbury (David getting to use his national bus pass for the first time!). Tuesday we took another bus to Bath.

Today I got the duvets washed in the launderette and walked down to the bottom of the Caen Flight to take some photographs. The sun shone and it was really warm. When I got back David was ready to set off (more rain forecast for tomorrow, so he thought he had better get a few miles in).

This boat is moored just past the wharf at Devizes. It is painted in army khaki and has camouflage netting all over it. The cabin at the back is the roof of a Landrover!

The Caen flight from the bottom. A truly beautiful sight with all the lock beams at exactly the same height and distance apart.

I noticed these signs on the way down. This one is quite acceptable but...

Seeing this one I just want to put the throttle down and speed up. Sorry. The boats never seem to move, there is no-one living on them - so they should store everything inside securely, and let us get on with it. At our usual tickover which we do when we sail past any boats.

Now for some cards: This one was made from an old broach found in a charity shop. Tartan ribbon was wound around some silver card and stuck to the white base card. The yellow bow and the Scottie dog with fixed with sticky-fixers.

This one is stamped onto watercolour paper and coloured in with watercolour markers, the matted onto green and red card. The background paper matched the green of the mat and that was also matted onto red card. I added a large brad to the bottom right had corner and the sentiment was also stamped and matted to match the design.

And finally, one of David's early morning picture of boats in the mist. I matted the picture onto a dark purple card then some silver Dufex card. To keep in with the muted colour scheme I used a lilac coloured card blank.

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