Sunday, 16 March 2008


Bascote staircase lock. For those who don't know, a staircase is when two locks are joined together so instead of doing one lock and then travelling through a "pound" to the next, the bottom gate of the top lock is the top gate of the bottom lock. You can get 2,3,4 and 5 lock staircases - probably the most famous one is the Bingley 5 on the Leeds and Liverpool. This one is only two, and it shows Mr David moving into the bottom lock while I am filling the top one.

The weather turned wet and windy during the afternoon so we decided to spend two nights just past the top lock and near Long Ichington.

We saw on the news today that the lovely church at Radford Semele has burned down. We normally moor opposite it on our way out of or into Leamington Spa, but we didn't this time.

I did a series of "age" cards. I made the tabs on the computer and coloured them in with gel or metallic pens. I wrapped the ribbons around a piece of silver card and stuck the card onto the base card.

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