Friday, 15 February 2008

Gas Street

You read it here first!! A few weeks ago I mentioned seeing this duck, which I thought was a Mandarin Duck. This evening on Midlands Today they reported the sighting - though it's been around for about 18 months now. It turns out it is a North American Wood Duck and for some reason lives with the Canada geese rather than the Mallard ducks.

As you can see, we are back from a few days in Marrakech. The weather was lovely, the Riad was lovely, the food was great and we had a super time.

These men are recycling tyres - they have made some really intreaging items using the "treads" as decoration.

Inside the souk

Dried fruits of all description - the fresh dates were out of this world!

Fishing boats in Essouria

David celebrated his birthday while we were there and I made this card without using scissors and borrowing some glue. I tore a picture of our courtyard, a business card from the spice shop and a boarding card. The two flowers I pressed slightly and the earphones came from our bus trip.

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