Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Gas Street, Birmingham


I just love living in Gas Street - there is always something happening. For New Year we got an almost exclusive firework display, and we didn't even have to leave the boat.

While we were in town yesterday we were stopped by a couple with a camera who said they were from the BBC - had we made any New Year's resolutions?

"Yes, I have made one for my wife." Said David

"What is that?" Said the reporter.

"She has to give better sex!" Was the reply.

Enough said.

So, for the cards .... Two for the New Year - of course.

They were made by cutting a bottle shaped candle in half with a hot knife, lots of shiny paper and sparkling confetti and peel-offs to finish it off.

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Lisa said...

Hiya its Lisa here on the narrowshop boat. Just came accross your blog. I will add it to my blog friends and keep popping back if thats ok!?. We are a shop all year round and The Ice Cream Boat in the summer so you will spot us no trouble!. We are heading to Chester in next few weeks then in May London canals. Take care for now luv. Lisa http://thenarrowshop.blogspot.com/ do feel free to viit my blog sometime. Thanks. Lisa