Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Gas Street

Let's forget the winter - somewhere on the Coventry Canal last August Bank Holiday. The sun was shining because we had decided to go back to the mooring.

David has just bought me an itouch ipod. Very pretty but we are tearing our hair out. I've managed to get most of my music to download from the computer, but how you get the wi-fi internet to work is a mystery.
We are off the Bialystock in Poland tomorrow - one night in Warsaw then by train to the forests - lots of trips booked out with a tracker and horse and cart to find the bison, wild boar and other wildlife. Should be fun. We are taking the laptop - so might even get some pics uploaded before we get back after Christmas.

This pretty card was made for Laura, who was 9 years old. I found a keyring charm which I fixed with a ribbon and pink marabou feathers. Lots of shiny paper and gems and ribbon. Lots of fun to make.

And this is the box that I made for the card to go in - more feathers and bling!

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