Sunday, 4 November 2007

Gas Street

Down in the land of Mawdor. Under the BT tower, Farmers Locks, Birmingham and Fazeley canal - with a lot of extra light courtesy Paintshop Pro. A horrid, dark, smelly place.
Sorry, not been blogging much lately - no real excuse but I have had a cold!
Life on the mooring goes on
David finished painting and re-sanding the gunnel on the other side of the boat so that we are very smart and are just awaiting the signwriter to re-do the coachwork.
Oh! and our cruise to Rio for the Carnival has been cancelled so we won't be joining our daughter there in February.

Two more Christmas cards:
Stripy card and a Merry Christmas banner taken from old cards, holly peel-offs and a sprig of holly and organdy bow probably removed from a cracker at some time!
The other one is made from a strip of paper stuck down the left hand side, and two gold-card baubles with ribbons attached.
I have begun the 500 card order for my hairdresser, but he had good/bad news when I got may hair done last Tuesday - he wants 200 more!!!

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