Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Gas Street

I know, the picture has got nothing to do with a canal, except that it just about within walking distance. It is the almshouses in the centre of Bedworth. I love almshouses and would love to be able to live in one. If I had a choice this would be the one. It is absolutely fabulous.
The weather has just turned and we have had rain on and off today. I plucked up the courage to make an appointment at the hairdressers, dentist and osteopath. I have just come back from the osteopath and feel great, and I've made the card I promised the hairdresser (hope he likes it enough to buy some for their business) and I haven't got toothache so everything should go alright.
We had a visit from the Community Liaison Officer today and and patrol from the Community Police. Looks like the talk with our local Inspector has brought results. Just need them out there at 6am on Sunday morning.
Back to the Christmas cards I'm afraid. I have masses of them. This one has pink snowflake paper with curved edges that I did with scissors, I also cut the right edge the same way. Two peel-off strips were stuck down the sides. A really sparkly snowflake which came from a Christmas decoration (a whole string of them from the £1 shop) in the top left hand corner and a shiny peeloff pink one on the bottom right corner.
PS: thanks to Rhia for the tip about the font on the previous post.

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Carolyn said...

what a lovely blog all about your canal travels, lucky you.

Life sounds so relaxing!