Monday, 20 August 2007

Outside Oxford

I just love the name of this boat. We first saw it in 2004 around the time of the IWA Boat Festival in Burton on Trent. I hope they are having a great retirement.

We have made our way to the outskirts of Oxford. Lots of boats, queues at locks and masses of moored boats.
I managed to hurt myself again yesterday trying to get to a lift bridge that should have been open. I slipped on the wet wood of the style and then the bridge was too heavy for me to pull it down so David had to get the front of the boat up to the bridge and climb off into a thistle and stinging nettle patch to help me. I took great delight in dropping the bridge and it bounced back almost to the open position again.

This card I made for a Christmas craft market in Birmingham a couple of years ago. The market was a wash-out, but that's another story. I found the angel dolls (all feathers and sparkles) in a cheepo temporary decorations shop and I just fixed them with sticky fixers onto shiny pink paper and onto a DL card. They also came with a box. The wording was "To our Little Angel" - so it didn't have to be specific for Christmas. Anyway, they went quite well. In fact when I visited the Victorian Market in Worcester last Christmas I saw a stall with someone selling something very, very similar. I think that might be flattering.

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