Thursday, 30 August 2007

Minworth Greaves

Two longish days to get us within striking distance of all the locks into Birmingham.

As usual we set off very early and just before the flight of locks there was the boat in front of us!!! Today we even had two set off just as we were coming up through a lock.

At Sutton Stop (picture of the new police station - though we never saw any policemen) we met the BW guy who spent August Bank Holiday winding a lock on the T&M for people going to the boat show at Burton. We were moored just below his lock and kept him watered with cups of tea all day. He wasn't there for us at 7am when we left though.

We have just come back from an awful meal at the Kingley Canalside pub and restaurant. Definitely cannot recommend that unless you like lots and lots of chips, and a thick coating of breadcrumbs around your fish.

This Christmas card was made by covering the front with paper and then threading silver string through the glittery snowflake. The string is fixed on the back with sellotape which is covered by the insert.

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