Sunday, 26 August 2007

Bridge 103

Another glorious day. It started off all misty and then the sun came up.

We spent the night on the top on a short piece of piling. Just around the corner there was lots more, and by 4pm it was full of boats.

So it was up with the sun, but we still got piped at the locks again, and followed a boat down. We did mee two or three coming up, including Yorkshire Pudding a fellow Warble boat. Time for a quick chat and catch up. When we got to the last lock the start of the rush was under way. There were boats everywhere.

So it was on to one of our favourite spots, in the middle of nowhere on the Grant Union/Oxford Canal. David got to watch the Grande Prix on TV and then listen to United actually with their first match this season!

And the boats just kept sailing past..... There must be one continuous line of moored boats right into Braunston,

This is the picture of the butty of the pair of working boats we saw yesterday. They had been on a round trip from Braunston and were heading back there.

The second of my 30 Christmas Cards. I made the backing paper on the computer and printed it off. The bells are made from plastic and I mounted them on gold, green corrugated, red and green card. I then cut notches with a notch? punch in the corners of the green card and threaded gold string around.

I tore the top of the printed paper and stuck it to the card and then tore some red paper to go on the bottom. The corner motifs are peel-off bells.

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