Wednesday, 4 July 2007


York, Lendal Bridge last Monday and this time last year. The water must be up at least 10ft.

The four of us took the train for a day out in York and had a lovely lunch in 19 Grape Street (originally called Grope Street as there were lots of brothels there once!).

After lunch Ed and Julia went off to see the abbey and I sussed out Lakeland Ltd! We walked down to Ouse Bridge to check out the moorings there and the water was right up to the top of the wall. Normally there is a long climb up the side of the wall to get to the pub.

We have had rain every day since I cannot remember when. Yesterday I took the train to Leeds for the day. When I got back the water had come over the towpath under the bridge at Skipton for a short time.

Today I probably had my last shop in Skipton as we hope to start back towards Wigan tomorrow. A quick look around The Stamp Man and collect the prescriptions from the chemist.

We have had a result of sorts from BW - we are moving to the other side of the pontoon temporarily for 6 months. There still seems to be no sign of the "new business" which has caused all the fuss.

A lovely little bear card. The stamp is Australian. I used to have their web address but lost it when the computer went down - so if anyone knows where it comes from, please let me know.

The bear was stamped and coloured in and fixed to some silver card and then onto some gingham material. All on a white card.

I have been going through lots of American blogs - mostly stampers. They are really lovely and have given me lots of ideas. Several ones have lots of tutorials too. Thank you to the comments from fellow bloggers, and the one from Portugal - thank goodness for Babelfish..

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