Friday, 20 July 2007


Will it ever stop raining?

The laptop started playing up, so we decided to buy a new one so had to stop off in Manchester. We brought the new laptop back to the boat and set it up and, of course, the Vodafone card wouldn't work so we had to go back into town to the Vodafone shop to discover that the only person working there who could see to it would not be in until the next day! Eventually we got another contract and another setup and now we have to try and cancel the remaining 10 months of the old contract. And I got to spend 3 days in Manchester - all those shops.

We managed to get as far as Lymm before it started raining today, and moored at Moore again, just as it began to rain really heavily. I took the chance to catch a bus into Warrington, as there is a great cardmaking shop there. When I got back the heavens opened.

There are suddenly lots of boats on the move, there seems to have been one past us about every 5 minutes, though it has slowed down a bit now (7pm). Though all the fun was actually on the road opposite the boat. We have just had a three car accident, ambulances, police, queues and onlookers. No-one seems to have been hurt too badly but it is another reason why I like not having a car any more.

I have decided to go in for the Card Maker of the Year Competition in one of the magazines, so I'm going to have to get my thinking cap on.
This card was made from a photograph David took last year. Pretty straightforward matting etc, the sentiment was made on the computer.

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