Thursday, 26 July 2007

Lyons Boatyard

The Blogger started to mess me about, so I sent it to it's room until it learnt to behave itself. Let's see if it worked.
We have just had a couple of weeks on our mooring in Gas Street in the centre of Birmingham. The sun came out as soon as we arrived and lasted practically the whole time - so we had a few get togethers with the other moorers under the parasol for a natter and a catch-up of the gossip. It will probably start raining again soon as we have started cruising again.
The floods all seem to have gone down and the rivers are all passable so we are heading off towards the Thames and a week or two in London.

This card I made for my daughter's birthday. She is just about to leave Australia after nearly four years in Sydney. Anyway, she was just about to go on a diving holiday up on the Barrier Reef.
I stamped the shell using a "free" stamp from a magazine and painted it with water colours then mounted it on green vellum and greeny-blue, shiny, bubble paper. The bubbles were made by using up the insides of "O"s on peel-off alphabet stickers - nothing goes to waste!

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