Monday, 4 June 2007

Castlefields, Manchester

I seem to have lost a couple of blogs.

Anyway, we are here in Manchester for a few days. I had to go back to Birmingham to have a lump removed from my ear and visit the eye hospital.

I also picked up the mail and we got the bad news that we are going to have to move off our lovely big mooring in Gas Street for a more inferior one so that the Restaurant Boat and all its garbage can move back on.

Lots of double standards by BW and no indication of refunds or electric hook-up for us - still we are still in there and fighting in our court.

Poor Castlefields. It is looking very neglected. Most of the bars have closed down and this office block (photographed) is now completely empty. Still it makes it a lot quieter at night without people walking past the boats at night.

This lovely card I made from a photograph that David took last year on the Llangollen Canal.

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