Monday, 28 May 2007

Outside Middlewich

A couple of days when we couldn't get a signal so no blog.

We travelled up the Shroppie to Nantwich, taking the bus into Chester. Then turned right onto the Middlewich Branch and moored just before the Cholmondley Lock. The SUCS were lock-wheeling for their funds but it was too wet to travel.

We left very early this morning before the SUCS were up, but David left a donation. We stopped at Middlewich and I got a taxi to the A&E Department of Leighton Hospital to see if I could get my poorly eye looked at.

They were not very helpful and after I got back we set off through the big lock and moored at one of our favourite spots just past Bridge 176.

Don't ask what the sculpture is. It's part of the sculpture park alongthe Nantwich Embankment.

The card was comissioned for a 65th Wedding Anniversary. They chose the subject!!

It is a photograph from the top of Amber Moon. I made three copies and then cut them into layers for a decoupage effect which, of course, does not show up in the photograph.

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