Friday, 20 April 2007

Gas Street

I spent the day in London yesterday - had a £15 voucher to spend in my favourite shop, Liberty. I ended up spending it on chocolate. I travelled with Chiltern Railways and it cost me £5 each way. If you book via the Internet they will send you a bar code to your mobile and you are supposed to scan this at Marylebone station, but I have not yet got that bit to work.

While we were in Scotland I picked up an eye infection which has steadily got worse even though I have used eye drops prescribed from the Doctor. While in London it got even worse and today I have got even stronger drops, so I hope they work. Living in sunglasses is a drag.

The boat has been thoroughly de-rusted and painted, including the front lockers and engine and is ready to go off to get the windows seen too. Mike is going to take the boat to the yard for us while we are away in Russia and then bring it back to the moorings. It is looking very spruce.
The pictures were taken on Seil Island, Scotland - an ex slate mining area.

An anniversary card made from an old CD I have of clipart, unfortunately it is copyrighted.

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