Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Gas Street

Hotel boats Taurus and Snipe outside the National Indoor Arena on the Birmingham Main Line, getting all spruced up for the summer season.

The sun shone this afternoon and it was really quite warm. I had to go to the City Hospital and was really good and walked both ways.

Birmingham is bursting with boats, mainly hire boats as all the Children are on holiday. It is so nice to see them all, and sometimes fun to watch then trying to manoeuvre in some of the narrower spots - still we were all there once. We actually did our first 365 degree turn just opposite where we now moor, it is just 60ft wide so we scraped around with inches to spare.

I noticed today that we are on the links from Granny Buttons' Blog. Fame at last!!

A girlie card today. Another kit from Lakeland I am afraid, but sometimes they are just so pretty and if they are in the sale.... well!!

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