Saturday, 24 March 2007

Wedgewood, Burselem

Mr David at the top of Bosley Locks in the frost

An early start and down through the locks before most people were up. The Stoke on Trent locks must be some of the most minging locks in the country. Even the Rochdale Nine (which are actually in Manchester) are not quite so bad. The paddles are heavy, the locks leak, the bridges are mucky with bird s*** and everything else.

When we arrived at Trentham lock both the bottom gates were wide open and one of the paddles was up. A lazy boater out there somewhere.
We moored by the Wedgewood factory and walked over around lunchtime to have a look at the museum etc. We got inside the building, followed all the signs but came to a locked door. David peeked through the gap and he could see people inside, shopping! We knocked on the door, several times, but no-one came. That's the second time we've tried to get in with no luck. Won't bother again.

I love this card. The look on the goalies face shows pure terror!


Keryn Campbell said...

Hi Brenda

Join in with the DCM whenever your ready. Thanks for your comment. Pop in again soon.

Gillian Hamilton said...

G'day Brenda, as Keryn said, we'd love you to join in when ever you are ready at DCM.. lovely to see your wonderful blog, and what an interesting life you live...