Thursday, 22 March 2007

Scholars Green

A late-ish start as it was raining, and then we only travelled down to Heritage for diesel and coal, plus the elusive Canals and Rivers magazine.
I managed a walk into the village where I found a Co-op/post office and a barbers shop. The towpath was really muddy and almost impossible to walk along in places.

This is a card that was made for a Birmingham City Fan ("No!" you say).
I haven't made any cards since we left Birmingham. Just need some inspiration, some room to store them and then someone to buy them.


mamaluke said...

ooh, I love that tree pic!

Kathy said...

Oh wow Brenda, what a fab blog, how exciting to live on a narrowboat. I hope you do start joining in the dares - it'll be great to have you on board (pardon the pun!)and a good reminder to come and visit your blog to read your advnetures.