Friday, 16 March 2007

Bosley Top Lock

Still here.... We do not need to be in High Lane until Monday as we have arranged to get our windows removed and de-rusted prior to the re-paint. We also have to have the window replaced that was cracked in Gas Street Basin by a drunk (we were on our moorings, with both gates locked and heard a bang. He jumped over the lock (nothing unusual there) and was probably looking for a way back to Gas Street. He had 20 odd boats to choose from - many with more windows and no occupants but he chose us. David went out and found him and helped him through the gates, even offering him some money to get a taxi home. When he got back to the boat he saw the cracked window. He phoned the police who were very helpful and they actually caught him via the CCTV. And guess what? He got a caution!!! We get a 400.00 bill. Still the glass only cracked as it is laminated and he didn't get in - that's the second time it's happened to us - the last time was in Chester where the perpetrator left his bike behind so we nearly made a profit that time.

A stamped, embossed and hand coloured dragonfly mounted onto handmade paper on a lilac coloured card

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Wildflower said...

Glad you made the BIG TIME. Can't wait to hear all your adventures. Hope it doesn't rain when the windows are out. Give our regards to Bernie the Bollard.