Sunday, 27 March 2011

Oliver Ings Bridge, Barden Mill, Leeds & Liverpool Canal

We have just travelled through Burnley and I don't think we have travelled through a grottier place. The whole canal from before Blackburn through Church and on to here is littered with every conceivable piece of rubbish. We scraped over goodness knows what around the Weavers Triangle and David had to go down into the weed hatch 5 times this morning and we only did 9 miles. We even got stuck just as we were entering Gannow tunnel.

And to top it all, we stopped for a pumpout at Rose Grove and even the boaters are leaving their rubbish. I wouldn't mind but the pumpout station is immediately in front of the rubbish skip.

I cut this little chap out of a party invitaiton. The base card is white and I matted some blue card onto silver and covered the front of the card leaving a small border.

Then I added the spaceman, flag and stars plus some gem stars for effect.

And no, it is no upside down - he's in space!

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