Monday, 31 March 2014

Wolverhampton Top Lock, BCN

 Well, finally we are off.  We have made it to Wolverhampton.  The old, burst, fire has been taken out and the new one installed with the new chimney (the old one was the wrong size, of course).  The pipes have been replaced where necessary and everything bled and we now have a lovely warm boat again.

So, with a visit from our Grandson so see us off yesterday and a trip to the doctor's to get the prescriptions sorted out today we left at 10am (late afternoon as far as David is concerned!)

The right hand towpath (travelling north from Birmingham) is being upgraded extensively, all the way to the far junction of the Soho Loop.  That will help the bicycles travel much faster.

Then, surprise! surprise! there is even dredging going on.  This will help the boaters travel much faster!

Whilst moored here we were visited by Ken, whose boat is down in Compton at the moment and he offered to help us with the locks tomorrow.  We didn't refuse the help.

Anyway, the Llangollen has been scrapped from the plan (school holidays looming) and it's just off to Liverpool and then we'll see where we are after that.

Lots of signs of spring.  Trees in bud, blossom on trees, waterfowl beginning to build nests.

So here is an apple blossom card.  The photograph was taken in Devizes Wharf eons ago and I matted it onto silver card with the edges decorated with scalloped scissors and then matted onto pink card.  This was then stuck to the front of a white card blank and the edges inked with pink ink.

I punched 2 small holes in the centre of the bottom of the card and threaded the ribbon through it to make it look like a knot in the centre.