Sunday, 18 November 2007

Gas Street

This picture was taken of our boat in July 1999. It is moored just across the basin from where we now moor. At that time we were just passing through and visiting our daughter, Caroline, who was studying (?) at Birmingham University. We had no thoughts of ever ending up here as home.
We've had a fairly quiet week after all the fun of Sunday and the Poetry Evening.

It is now raining hard and very grey and I don't expect to poke my nose out of the boat all day. It is far too cosy inside.

A Christmas card with stripy paper down the left hand side and a Merry Christmas peel-off over the join. The tree topper is made from a glass tree that I bought from Courtyard Crafts in Liverpool some time ago. It is tuck onto gold card with the corners clipped and thread wrapped around it and then matted onto red card. The holly spring came from a cracker.

This one was made with two toppers made from confetti type trees, wrapped with silver string and stars and gems added, matted onto red corrugated, silver and blue paper. A paper border on the right hand side with a silver strip of peel-off on the join. A blue and silver bow at the top and three peel-off parcels in a line on the bottom right hand side.

Only 100 of my 700 reindeer to make. Will be posting them up fairly soon.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Gas Street

Who says you can't have an allotment on a boat?

Funny old week. A visit from our local policeman to discuss the anti-social behaviour in the area - we took him out for a cruise around the "bay" - he'd not been on a narrowboat before.

A pumpout on Tuesday.

On Wednesday my hairdresser said he had recommended me to a friend with a beauty shop and she was interested in 500 Christmas Cards. Fortunately? she has not got back to me yet.

Thursday I went to the Hobbycraft Exhibition at the NEC and managed not to spend all my profits for this year.

And finally today - I have made over 100 reindeer for cards and David is cooking our dinner.

Two more Christmas Cards:

1. A strip of paper, cut out stuck down the left hand side of the card, a fabric poinsettia (from Lakeland) stuck to the top right hand corner and a holographic peel-off in the right bottom corner.

2. More paper stuck just over half of the left side of the card with a gold peel-off strip to cover the join. A gold holographic snowflake corner peel-off in the top right corner and a felt-type reindeer in the bottom right corner.

It's a shame that the couple I made these 30 cards from have now split up - I don't know who inherited the cards though!!

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Gas Street

Down in the land of Mawdor. Under the BT tower, Farmers Locks, Birmingham and Fazeley canal - with a lot of extra light courtesy Paintshop Pro. A horrid, dark, smelly place.
Sorry, not been blogging much lately - no real excuse but I have had a cold!
Life on the mooring goes on
David finished painting and re-sanding the gunnel on the other side of the boat so that we are very smart and are just awaiting the signwriter to re-do the coachwork.
Oh! and our cruise to Rio for the Carnival has been cancelled so we won't be joining our daughter there in February.

Two more Christmas cards:
Stripy card and a Merry Christmas banner taken from old cards, holly peel-offs and a sprig of holly and organdy bow probably removed from a cracker at some time!
The other one is made from a strip of paper stuck down the left hand side, and two gold-card baubles with ribbons attached.
I have begun the 500 card order for my hairdresser, but he had good/bad news when I got may hair done last Tuesday - he wants 200 more!!!