Thursday, 24 September 2009

Above Hurlestone Locks

Left just as it was getting light again - it's the only time of day when you actually get to see the sun, if only for a few brief minutes. So we were at the top of Hurlestone Locks by 11am and I was sent off to Chester, on the bus, once again. It is so hard having to do all the shopping!

No pictures taken today - but this is the off-side bank on the top of the Llangollen. The root systems are fascinating and I took loads of pictures.

The "Margaret Sherry" cat in a box is decoupaged about three times. I fixed it to an oval scalloped card made on the CraftRobo.
The base card is blue and I wrapped a striped blue ribbon around the front and tied it in a knot. The topper was then fixed over the ribbon on the left hand side of the card.

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