Saturday, 29 August 2009

Gas Street Basin

David and I took the train to Derby today (should have been East Midlands Parkway but there was a strike!) and then took a bus to the railway station. The Festival site was right by the station, so it was just a short walk. David his editor, Chris, at Canals and Rivers. The current issue has a photograph on the front that David took at the DEFRA cuts protest in Birmingham a couple of years ago, and we didn't know who the guy was. While we were at the stand, a lady came up and said "That's my husband". It is Dusty Miller the canal artist. Of course, we can see it is now!

We went around the stalls, but saw nothing new or anything we needed. Met some old friends, got an order for some Christmas Cards and David took lots of photos. Two hours later we were on the bus back to Derby and back home in plenty of time for the football.

I have been making cards for three competitions, so I am a bit overloaded with half ideas and samples. So here is something I made without thinking.
I used three of my new Nestabilities dies cutting out white, pink and gold card and then matting them. Finally I added a sparkly gold 65. A birthday card, or even an anniversary card maybe?

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