Friday, 28 August 2009

Gas Street Basin

We've been graffitied! Someone snook in and left us this "masterpiece" Maybe, one day, it will be worth as much as a Banksy. But I doubt it. And anyway, Graham says a chisel will remove it.
The nights have started drawing in and there is definitely a chill in the air. We even had to light a fire on Wednesday. I guess Summer isn't going to arrive after all.
Must be time to go off on another cruise. We have only done the Llangollen in early Spring (3 times now), so thought we might like to see it in the Autumn (never the Summer - too busy!). We also have a wedding to go to near Liverpool and the hosts are running a bus to the venue from Albert Dock - so here is the perfect excuse to take the boat down through the new link. Hopefully we will set off early next week after Sandy has looked at the engine for us.
Tomorrow we are off to the IWA National Festival and Boat Show and the train company has got a strike on its hands. Does it only happen to us?

I made this card using a fridge magnet of the three Disney princesses. I cut some pink card with fancy scissors and wrapped some pale blue ribbon around it, tying it in a knot. I stuck the magnet down with glue dots and then added a pink heart gem. Finally fixing it all to a white card blank.

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