Monday, 24 August 2009

Gas Street Basin

Got into trouble the other day for not blogging.

So, I am very sorry, but it has been a bit of the same old, same old! You know, lots of boats and people passing through, lots of drunks jumping the lock or just jumping in (including from the balcony of the Walkabout!).

The Portsmouth football team passed by on Saturday, Shifali did her weather spot for BBC Midlands Today from the pontoon and the BBC Antiques Road Show didn't film from Mr David.

Mr David was racing at York last week - came 4th I think!!! Fortunately we didn't have the housekeeping on him.

Then.... we get something completlely different. A gondola!!! causing havoc with all the boats and trip boats. I have no idea what it was all about and the gondoleers sounded very un-Italian. I think it might have been advertising a new Italian restaurant in Brindleyplace, but there was nothing on the boat to indicate this.

Oh! and we also had two fishermen fishing by the bollards having walked past the sign saying PRIVATE. Still, at least they kept the geese off the landing all day. There is almost 1/2" of crap over it at the moment.

I have been very productive, card-wise, lately. This is why I am showing you an older one. A Jolly Nation decoupage.

I started with a blue card base and added some wavy blue paper for the sea and some handmade yellow paper for the sun and sand and then just added the dude once he had been cut out and assembled.

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