Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Gas Street Basin - BCN

We set off at 5.30 and reached the bottom of Aston locks at 0800, we reached the top lock at 9.30 and began Farmers Locks at 1000.  We finally reached the top lock at 1145 and went around to The Distillery (Fiddle and Bone)(Sherborne Wharf) for diesel and a pumpout. 

David put the boat into reverse to get it away from the towpath and the clutch cable broke!  We managed to get the boat back under St Vincent's Bridge and moored up to await Richard to come and fix it for us. 

So at 2.30 we eventually moored up at our pontoon in Gas Street.  Knackered and happy to be back home.

A decopaged fawn.  Matted onto lilac and pink card and fixed onto patterned paper before gluing it onto a white card base with pink flowers for decoration.


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser http://nbharnser.blogspot.com said...

I have been playing leapfrog with a Mr David who sells cards all the way into Leeds, at the moment they are moored in Clarence Dock her in Leeds. I find this very confusing. There is a photo here if it will open for you https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-9pwGzxQfflU/WwM6ehnI3YI/AAAAAAAAiPE/TtijPLchOccv8VaJvm2l-kGJaaxq9DgywCHMYCw/s1600-h/DSCF1189%255B3%255D

Brian on NB Harnser

Brenda Scowcroft said...

Brian, we have noticed you most days and were in one of the little yellow boats when you came down yesterday. What do you find confusing, I cannot get the photo to open.

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser http://nbharnser.blogspot.com said...

This blog came up dated May this year in my feed the other day saying you were in Birmingham, when I thought, rightly you were on the L&L the photo is a picture of you in Clarence Dock. I was beginning to wonder if you had been cloned ? Looking at the Blog now I see it was actually last year, so where it has been for 12 months I don't know. Its also the last one I have in my feed .

Brenda Scowcroft said...

Ah! I understand. We ran out of allowance and I have been unable to blog every day, so doing catch-ups. Though I did this post just after we set off over a month ago, so don't know why it took so long to come up. If you see us and need a mooring again like here in Clarence Dock, please feel free to moor up beside us.