Saturday, 29 April 2017

Woolhampton, Kennet and Avon Canal

 First boat moored on a lock landing, well, I know it is on the "off" side, but it is a wide canal and there could be two boats using the lock.

We were on our way by 0545 to the accompaniment of a cuckoo.  We had a pump-out and took on water at Tyle Mill and then met up with a group of Girl Guides on a youth community boat at Aldermaston so shared the locks and swing bridge to Woolhampton.

Lunch at the Rowbarge at Woolhampton after visiting the shop in the village for a paper and produce and then another nap.

We were last down here 5 years ago and  found climbing onto these locks was relatively easy (not with a windlass in one hand though).  Now I found I had to put one food in the stirrup, the other knee on the lock beam, then the other one, then sort of crouch and try and pull myself up before walking across to the other side.  Then I had to get back onto my knees and feel around for the stirrup before I could get off the beam.  From now on I'll only do it in an emergency, I'll just walk around the lock to cross the other gates.

This card, made for a lady that loves cats.  It is a pink square card with some brown ribbon fixed across the bottom.  The pink cat was a bought topper which was matted onto white, pink and brown card and then onto a larger panel of white, pink and brown card.  A swirl was stamped down the right hand side of the large panel and a sentiment (matted in pink and brown) was fixed to the bottom right and the cat on the top left.  Tow pink organdie bows were then added for decoration.

The box was made out of brown card with a pink organdie bow fixed across the top.

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